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Site Captcha Upgraded

I recently received a comment from Bappoy mentioning that the site's Captcha was "awful". He was right, Captcha was using an ugly font to render images.

Since then, I have upgraded the comment Captcha to use FontForge's FreeSans. The Captcha images are a lot nicer looking now. Thanks for the feedback, Bappoy!

Update on Flash Plugin for Fedora 10

I want to thank Yu-Jie Lin from Taiwan, who commented on my post about installing the Flash Plugin on Fedora 10. He noted that you no longer need ndiswrapper to run the Adobe Flash Plugin in 64-bit browsers. Adobe Labs now provides a 64-bit Flash Plugin. I have updated my instructions for installing Flash on Fedora to reflect the new information.

Thanks Yu-Jie Lin!

Support One Laptop per Child

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is at Linux World 2008 this week. Founded by Nicholas Negroponte, this non-profit organization is "dedicated to research to develop a low-cost, connected laptop, a technology that could revolutionize how we educate the world's children".

To participate in this great effort, visit:

Prototype Ubuntu Mobile Device

At Linux World 2008, the Ubuntu booth had this prototype mobile device by Compal. The small, hand-held system was running Ubuntu MID Edition.

Linux World Free Exhibit Pass

If anyone wants to visit Linux World 2008 (San Francisco),
go to for a free exhibit hall pass.

Linux Wallpapers

Here are some of my favorite Linux Wallpapers (by various Flickr artists).

Script for Installing Flash on FC9

I have posted instructions on how to install Flash on Fedora 9, but Laurent Armstrong wrote me to share his script for automating the Flash install process -- and more. Laurent's script is interesting, so you might want to check it out:

Thanks for the email, Laurent!

Update on Bash Random Numbers

Kuba wrote me from Poland, with some interesting ways to limit the scope of Bash's $RANDOM variable. I updated my instructions for generating random numbers in Bash to include Kuba's suggestions.

Thanks, Kuba!

Update on Fedora 9 GDM Backgrounds

Todd Zullinger, recently showed me how to change the Fedora 9 GDM background using a gconftool-2 one liner. So, I updated my Fedora 9 GDM instructions to include Todd's suggestion.

Thanks Todd!


Um. Wow. Most importantly: Thanks!
I suddenly went from 8 hits a day to over 500.

Contact Me

Feedback, questions and suggestions are always welcomed.

Email me at:

Thanks Digg

Digg users critiqued my instructions for installing Flash plugins using Fedora 9. So, I corrected my article to include Swfdec and NDISwrapper. Thanks, Digg.

Keeping it Simple

I needed a way to jot down Linux notes that could accessed from any computer. Voila! The posts will be in the form of notes. The idea is to keep it simple, searchable and indexable by search engines. Hopefully someone else can also make use of this information. Comments are always welcomed.

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